Alyssia Webb Birnbaum is the owner and creator of Mama’s Gotta Eat, a small business that began in 2011 by providing pre-made meals to families in the Dallas area, specializing in food for breastfeeding mothers. It has since branched out into an in-home meal preparation service for busy families and professionals.

Born and raised in the Hawaiian islands to a Japanese mother and Caucasian father, Alyssia uses her blended family background to create a fusion of healthy comfort food that kids and adults alike can enjoy. She is determined to never allow anyone to feel guilty for loving good food, so she set out to design recipes that are fun, healthy, and most of all delicious.

Her irreverent approach to diet and nutrition makes eating healthier a fun and approachable lifestyle change. Her recipes, restaurant review, and general foodie knowledge in the blog section of this website can help you lose weight, satisfy your cravings, and be happy.
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