Does the phrase "We have NOTHING to eat in this house!" sound all too familiar to you? Have you ever felt like your kids are missing out on a healthier childhood? Is it time to make a change in your diet to promote weight loss or fertility? Look no further than Mama's Gotta Eat 30 Day Lifestyle Boost to completely recondition the way you see food. Following are the details of our 30 Day Lifestyle Boost;

  • A trip to your local natural grocer to stock up on our list of 25 pantry essentials and fresh, seasonal produce
  • A much-needed fridge and pantry purge is no longer an a la carte service; it’s a central piece in our program to make every aspect of your life and eating habits healthier.
  • Choose from a wide variety of meals we have to offer and learn to make those dishes in a hands-on cooking class in the comfort of your own home with your family.
  • Foolproof shopping lists that can be interchangeable each season, so you’re not always planning what you should eat every single month.
  • Daily email or text check-ins and support from Mama’s Gotta Eat. You’re not alone!
  • A lunch out at a delicious local restaurant to learn how to “speak chef” and order a healthy option when eating out.
  • Having trouble putting down that cookie dough ice cream? Do you need someone to pry it out of your hands? You can even call or text Mama when you just can’t figure out how to let go of some of your most favorite junk foods. We’ll teach you how to make a more nutritious choice instead!
  • After 30 days, you can sign up for a weekly email with your grocery list for the week and some new menu ideas. We'll have webinars to touch base, get some fresh menu ideas for seasonal events and parties, and find ways to connect with others who are living the same healthy lifestyle as you are
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