Private Lifestyle Boost
This is our premium, full-service package for clients that want the hands-on guidance of a Mama’s Gotta Eat consultant for every moment of the 30 days. We’ll take you to the grocery store once a week, clean out your pantry for you, a lunch date at a healthy local restaurant, and teach you how to prepare your favorite Mama meals. We’ll teach you about our 25 Pantry Essentials so there’s no need to ever say “we have nothing to eat!” Choose from a variety of different extra boosts, such as how to make your own chicken stock or homemade yogurt, and “field trips” to local farmer’s markets and dairy farms.
Weekly In-Home Meal Preparation
Our most popular service for busy families looking to maximize their time at home by simply reheating meals in their own fridge.
  • $89 + cost of groceries* for 2-3 meals
  • $109 + cost of groceries for 3-5 meals
  • $129+ cost of groceries for 5-7 meals
Ultimate New Mom Survival Kit
(available as a gift as well)
$299 for 7 days with two different deliveries made throughout the week to ensure freshness, the new mom in your life can receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks. Simply request our New Mama likes and dislikes form and we’ll send you a customized menu based on your preferences!
New Mommy On the Go
$149 for 5 portable lunches, 3 fresh dinners, and 2 frozen dinners. Delivery only, a great price alternative to our in-home meal prep!
Lunch Delivery
(to offices)
Email us at with how many people are in your office, etc. and we’ll send over a pricing plan and menu! We currently provide lunch delivery to several local businesses and schools. There is a standard menu as well as 2 weekly specials that are seasonal.
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