1. Vary your palate now, create back-up plans for a picky child later.

2. Eat what you want to eat when you want to eat it, keeping only fresh, nutritious items in the refrigerator and homemade snacks on hand to avoid a snacking pitfall.

3. Cook in bulk whenever possible.

4. Learn to make your own stocks, yogurt, and virtually anything else you currently buy. It's budget-conscious, much healthier, and suddenly, packaged food seems a lot less appetizing.

5. Plan your meals away from home ahead of time to avoid running into traps of going out to eat. Leave no room for mistakes in the workplace.

6. Eat what your kids eat. Kids tend to go for a much simpler plate- a main dish, cut up small, lots of vegetables, and a small serving of fruit. You don’t have to eat macaroni and cheese just because your kids are- because YOU control what they eat in your home.

7. Be confident when placing an order the RIGHT way at a restaurant. Use your abilities you’ve learned from our 30 days to communicate with the chef effectively.

8. When taking your kids out to activities, know your limits and eat a snack before heading out. There are food traps everywhere, like the intoxicating smell of pretzels near a mall play place. Know these places exist, and plan ahead for them.

9. When you have cravings or feel hungry, plan a menu! Use your emotional hunger to your advantage and dig out your cookbooks, or get on Pinterest. You CAN make your favorites in a healthier version at home that you can eat time and time again!

10. You don’t have to be creative, just flexible.

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